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The Institute of Evolution is the largest theoretical evolutionary biology scientific centre in Hungary, with research interests spanning all levels of biological organisation. We investigate the origin of life, transitions in evolution involving large increases in complexity (including the origin of human language and cooperation), evolutionary aspects of neural networks, the relationship between learning and evolution, and evolutionary-ecological processes, with a particular focus on the dynamics of emerging infectious diseases under the impact of climate change.

Priority publications

Podani János; Schmera Dénes; Bagella Simonetta. Correlating variables with different scale types: A new framework based on matrix comparisons METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 14:1049-1060.

Szilágyi András; Kovács Viktor P.; Czárán Tamás; Szathmáry Eörs. Evolutionary ecology of language origins through confrontational scavenging PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B 378:20210411.

Szabolcs Számadó; István Zachar; Dániel Czégel; Dustin J. Penn. Honesty in signalling games is maintained by trade-offs rather than costs BMC BIOLOGY 21:4.

Ocaña-Pallarès, E.; Williams, TA.; López-Escardó, D.; Arroyo, AS.; Pathmanathan, JS.; Bapteste, E.; Tikhonenkov, DV.; Keeling, PJ.; Szöllősi, GJ.; Ruiz-Trillo, I. Divergent genomic trajectories predate the origin of animals and fungi. NATURE 609(7928):747-753

Zachar, István Eukaryotic origins: Closing the energetics gap. NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 6:1254-1255