Research groups

Lendület Fluvial Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

senior research fellow

Members of the research group:

Baranyai, Eszter, PhD


Becz, Barnabás Álmos

science communicator

Borza, Péter, PhD

research fellow

Egri, Ádám, PhD

research fellow

Kriska, György, DSc

Scientific Advisor

Nguyễn Vũ Đức, Thịnh

Assistant Research Fellow

Tenorio-Baigorria, Imola

Research assistant

Tóth, Flórián, PhD

Researc Fellow

Main profile:

Our research group conducts integrative studies on complex river ecosystems, with a particular focus on the Danube River in Hungary. We analyse the structure, biodiversity, and functioning of large river communities. Our primary objectives include taxonomic and functional analyses of the river food web and characterising ecological relationships among its components. We also investigate visual ecology and study ecological processes at key interfaces, such as benthos-plankton and river water-land. By understanding the functioning of riverine communities, we aim to predict better their response to climate change, ecological invasions, and human disturbances.