Král, Adrienn

assistant research fellow


Main profile in keywords:
cooperation, inequity aversion, climate change

I obtained my master degree in 2017 at the ELTE MSc in Biology, on Ecology, Evolution- and Conservation Biology specification. At this time I am working as an assistant research fellow at the CER IE, Cooperation Research Group on a project named „Csak veled, nem nélküled. – A klímaválsággal kapcsolatos társas dilemmák kísérletes vizsgálata”. Additionally I am a phd student at ELTE Institute of Biology. The subject of my research is the human egalitarian behaviour, in more detail the advantageous and disadvantageous inequity aversion in children from the age of 4 to 12. Furthermore I am researching animal cooperation. I wrote my thesis about the impact of the changing social network on cooperation, in which I studied the fixation probability of the cooperative behaviour with computer simulations, on dynamical graphs in situations characterized by the Snowdrift Game. In the current project I have experimental, organizational and data collection tasks.