Szilágyi, András, PhD

Director, Institute of Evolution
Senior Research Fellow


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MTA-ELTE Elméleti Biológiai és Evolúciós Ökológiai Kutatócsoport

ELTE Növényrendszertani, Ökológiai és Elméleti Biológiai Tanszék

Main profile in keywords:
evolutionary biology, mathematical biology, theoretical ecology

1. Origin of life
Investigation of early evolution by analytical and in-silico models. Potential evolutionary routes to the first biological systems, prebiotic evolution. Analysis of the information integration capabilities of early biological systems.

2. Early major evolutionary transitions
Investigation of the origin of group selection, the stochastic corrector model and the RNA world. Potential evolutionary scenarios for the origin of chromosomes

3. Diversity maintaining mechanisms in ecology
The effect of environmental stochasticity and the population structure on the sustainable diversity. Analysis of diversity maintaining mechanisms in microbiome.

4. Darwinian neurodynamics
Potential roles of Darwinian dynamics in cognitive processes. Investigation of evolutionary dynamics on artificial neural networks. Dynamical similarities between artificial associative neural networks and gene regulatory networks.