Endrédi, Anett, MSc

assistant research fellow


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Main profile in keywords:
food webs, network analysis, data analysis, statistics, traits

My main research interest focuses on the structure and functioning of aquatic food webs. More specifically, I investigate how food web position and biological traits of trophic groups determine their role in the food web.

I am also interested in the relationship of traits and vulnerability in the case of endangered/rare terrestrial plant species. 

Furthermore, I participate in several other project as data analyst (e.g., I work with other kind of networks or even analyse data of plant biofortification experiments).

Selected publications

Endrédi, Anett; Patonai, Katalin; Podani, János; Libralato, Simone; Jordán, Ferenc. Who Is Where in Marine Food Webs? A Trait-Based Analysis of Network Positions FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE. 8: -

Endrédi, Anett; Senánszky, Vera; Libralato, Simone; Jordán, Ferenc. Food web dynamics in trophic hierarchies ECOLOGICAL MODELLING. 368: 94-103

Jordán, Ferenc; Endrédi, Anett; Liu, Wei-chung; D’Alelio, Domenico. Aggregating a Plankton Food Web: Mathematical versus Biological Approaches MATHEMATICS. 6: Paper 336-

Endrédi, A.; Jordán, Ferenc; Abonyi, A. Trait-based paradise – or only feeding the computer with biology? COMMUNITY ECOLOGY. 19: 319-321

Kovács-Hostyánszki, A; Földesi, R; Báldi, A; Endrédi, A; Jordán, Ferenc. The vulnerability of plant-pollinator communities to honeybee decline: a comparative network analysis in different habitat types ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. 97: 35-50

Gilián, Lilla Diána; Endrédi, Anett; Zsinka, Bernadett; Neményi, András; Nagy, János György. Morphological and reproductive trait-variability of a food deceptive orchid, Cephalanthera rubra along different altitudes APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH. 17: 5619-5639