Engloner, Attila, PhD

team leader
senior research fellow

+36 1 279 3100 / 204 vagy 205

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Clean Drinking Water National Excellence Programme

Hungarian Water Research Programme: challenges and research tasks

Main profile in keywords:
aquatic macrophytes, river ecology, Hungarian Water Research Programme

Fundamental and applied plant ecological research with special focus on:
– distribution, abundance, phenetic and genetic diversity of macrophytes in various aquatic environments;
– reed die-back and colonization;
– plant adaptations to water supply in aquatic and terrestrial habitats;
– microbial composition of biofilm formed on aquatic macrophytes and the surrounding water body;
– environmental DNA-based analysis of aquatic ecosystems;
– effect of climate change on water quality and aquatic ecosystems of the Danube River;
– Szigetköz monitoring
– Joint Danube Survey

Awards and scholarships

2005-2006: Zoltán Magyary Research Scholarship – Found for Hungarian Education and Research
2004 Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for Young Scientists
1995 Medal of the Faculty of Sciences of Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen



Selected publications

Engloner AI; Podani J. A new statistical method for the comparison of biplots with the same objects and variables ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, 154 Paper: 110802 (2023)

Engloner Attila I.; Németh Kitti; Kós Péter B.; Meglécz Emese; Bereczki Judit. Genetic diversity of the submerged macrophyte Ceratophyllum demersum depends on habitat hydrology and habitat fragmentation FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, 14 Paper: 1277916 , 10 p. (2023)

Engloner Attila I.; Németh Kitti; Dobosy Péter; Óvári Mihály. Exploring the trend effects of diffuse anthropogenic pollution in a large river passing through a densely populated area HELIYON, Paper: e20120 (2023)

Engloner Attila I.; Vargha Márta; Kós Péter; Borsodi Andrea K. Planktonic and epilithic prokaryota community compositions in a large temperate river reflect climate change related seasonal shifts PLOS ONE, 18 : 9 Paper: e0292057 (2023)

Vargha M; Róka E; Erdélyi N; Németh K; Nagy-Kovács Zs; Kós PB; Engloner AI. From Source to Tap: Tracking Microbial Diversity in a Riverbank Filtration-Based Drinking Water Supply System under Changing Hydrological Regimes. DIVERSITY (BASEL) 15 Paper: 621 (2023)

Engloner, A.I.; Németh, K.; Óvári, M. Significant impact of seasonality, verticality and biofilm on element accumulation of aquatic macrophytes ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. 292: -

Engloner, Attila I.; Németh, Kitti; Gere, Dóra; Stefán, Dávid; Óvári, Mihály. Effects of water depth and water level fluctuation on the total and bio-available element concentrations in riverine reed stands ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. 114: -

Borsodi, Andrea K.; Anda, Dóra; Krett, Gergely; Megyes, Melinda; Németh, Kitti; Dobosy, Péter; Aszalós, Júlia Margit; Engloner, Attila. Comparison of planktonic and reed biofilm bacteria in different riverine water bodies of river Danube RIVER RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS. 36: 852-861

Engloner, A; Vargha, M; Báldi, A; Józsa, J. Hungarian Water Research Programme: challenges and research tasks . : -

Selected projects