Brooks, Daniel R.

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DAMA protocol, emerging infectious diseases, host-parasite interactions

Daniel R Brooks (USA–Canada) is Professor Emeritus at University of Toronto, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and at the Linnaean Society of London. He has been awarded honorary doctorates from Stockholm University and the University of Nebraska and has been a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Collegium Budapest and Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Study. He is an evolutionary biologist whose work ranges from field studies of the evolution of host-pathogen systems in tropical wildlands to foundational studies of evolutionary theory. His current focus is integrating evolutionary principles into understanding emerging disease and using those insights to develop proactive measures for coping with the emerging
disease crisis. He is the author of more than 350 scientific publications.

Selected publications

Boeger, Walter A.; Brooks, Daniel R.; Trivellone, Valeria; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Hoberg, Eric P. Ecological super‐spreaders drive host‐range oscillations: Omicron and risk‐space for emerging infectious disease TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES. Early View: -

Brooks, Daniel R.; Hoberg, Eric P.; Boeger, Walter A.; Trivellone, Valeria. Emerging infectious disease: An underappreciated area of strategic concern for food security TRANSBOUNDARY AND EMERGING DISEASES. 69: 254-267

Brooks, D.R.; Boeger, W.A. Climate change and emerging infectious diseases: Evolutionary complexity in action CURRENT OPINION IN SYSTEMS BIOLOGY. 13: 75-81

Trivellone, Valeria; Hoberg, Eric P.; Boeger, Walter A.; Brooks, Daniel R. Food security and emerging infectious disease: risk assessment and risk management ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE. 9: -

Dursahinhan, Altangerel T.; Brooks, Daniel R.; Botero-Cañola, Sebastian; Gardner, Scott L. A new species of Arostrilepis from Ellobius tancrei (Rodentia: Cricetidae) in Mongolia PARASITOLOGY. 149: 1-26