Süle, Gabriella, PhD

assistant research fellow


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Main profile in keywords:
forest-steppe, microclimate, functional variables, pollination, plant-pollinator relationship

I am interested in the forest-steppe vegetation, including connections between the microclimate, the environmental and functional variables and the vegetation structure. This topic is my PhD dissertation.
Recently I am working on Safeguard project, which aims to promote pollinator conservation by mapping the direct and indirect impacts on pollinators and providing tools for policy and economic decision-making.

Selected publications

Süle Gabriella; Miholcsa Zsombor; Molnár Csaba; Kovács-Hostyánszki Anikó; Fenesi Annamária; Bauer Norbert; Szigeti Viktor. Escape from the garden: spreading, effects and traits of a new risky invasive ornamental plant (Gaillardia aristata Pursh) NEOBIOTA, 83 pp. 43-69. , 27 p. (2023)

Süle Gabriella; Kovács-Hostyánszki Anikó; Sárospataki Miklós; Kelemen Tünde Ilona; Halassy Gabriella; Horváth Anna; Demeter Imre; Báldi András; Szigeti Viktor. First steps of pollinator-promoting interventions in Eastern European urban areas – positive outcomes, challenges, and recommendations URBAN ECOSYSTEMS (2023)

Selected projects

Safeguarding European wild pollinators’

Lead researcher: Báldi, András
Planned duration: 2021-2025
Azonosító: SAFEGUARD (101003476)-2021