Somodi, Imelda, PhD

senior research fellow

+36 28 360 122 / 133, +36 30 465 1399

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Main profile in keywords:
Potential Natural Vegetation (PNV); Predictive vegetation models; Long-term vegetation dynamics

My main research interest lies in long-term vegetation dynamics from within-community dynamics to the changes in the distribution of vegetation types at country extents. The current focus of my research activities lie in the modelling of potential natural vegetation (PNV) both at present and in the future under climate change.

Selected publications

Bede‐Fazekas, Ákos; Somodi, Imelda. The way bioclimatic variables are calculated has impact on potential distribution models METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. 11: 1559-1570

Somodi, Imelda; Ewald, Jörg; Bede-Fazekas, Ákos; Molnár, Zsolt. The relevance of the concept of potential natural vegetation in the Anthropocene PLANT ECOLOGY & DIVERSITY. 14: 13-22

Somodi, Imelda; Vadkerti, A; Tesitel, J. Thesium linophyllon parasitizes and suppresses expansive Calamagrostis epigejos PLANT BIOLOGY. 20: 759-764

Török, K; Csecserits, A; Somodi, I; Kövendi-Jakó, A; Halász, K; Rédei, T; Halassy, M. Restoration prioritization for industrial area applying Multiple Potential Natural Vegetation modelling RESTORATION ECOLOGY. 26: 476-488