Pálffy, Károly, PhD

research fellow


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Main profile in keywords:
phytoplankton, community dynamics, functional diversity, flow cytometry

– Effect of long-term environmental changes (global warming, eutrophication) on plankton dynamics and functioning

– Flow cytometric analysis of phyto- and bacterioplankton

– Dynamic modelling of phytoplankton communities

Selected publications

Márton Zsuzsanna; Szabó Beáta; Vad Csaba F.; Pálffy Károly; Horváth Zsófia. Environmental changes associated with drying climate are expected to affect functional groups of pro- and microeukaryotes differently in temporary saline waters SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 13 : 1 Paper: 3243 (2023)

Rani Varsha; Horváth Zsófia; Nejstgaard Jens C.; Fierpasz Ádám; Pálffy Károly; Vad Csaba F. Food density drives diet shift of the invasive mysid shrimp, Limnomysis benedeni ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 14 : 4 (2024)

Patonai Katalin; Endrédi Anett; Horváth Zsófia; Borza Péter; Pálffy Károly; Dobosy Péter; Vad Csaba F. Trophic impact of an invasive mysid shrimp depends on zooplankton community composition: A mesocosm experiment. Freshwater Biology, 00, 1–12. (2024)