Kiss, Keve Tihamér, DSc

Professor Emeritus

Research groups:

+36 1 279 3100/141

Main profile in keywords:
phytoplankton, taxonomy of centric diatoms
  • a Taxonomy and ecology of algae in the River Danube;
  • a short- and long-term change of phytoplankton
  • a ultrastructure of centric diatoms
  • a trophic state of the River Danube
  • a effect on the phytoplankton of barrages built on the River Danube
  • a relationship between the phytoplankton and the primary production in rivers

Awards, scholarships:

2001: Honorary member of Hungarian Algological Society
2000: Széchenyi Research Scholarship
2009: award Pro Aqua – Hungarian Hydrological Society
2010: award Vitális Sándor – Hungarian Hydrological Society