Godó, Laura

assistant research fellow


Main profile in keywords:
small mammals, birds, grassland communities, seed dispersal, soil disturbance, conservation biology

1, Role of birds in seed dispersal and plant establishment

Secondary seed dispersal (diplozoochory) and seed dispersal by gathering and taking away nest material (caliochory) are less traditional and less known ways of seed dispersal. We study these dispersal types in different bird species in open terrestrial and urban habitats. Our aim is to reveal if these mechanisms are able to create connection between the fragmented habitat patches and to enhance local biodiversity via supporting seed dispersal. We also interested if the pellets and nest building activity of birds are able to create such microenvironment, which can support the more successful establishment of plants.

2, Monitoring small mammal communities

Small mammals are present in almost all habitat types and are excellent indicator organisms. By surveying them, we can get an accurate picture of the current quality of a habitat. Through their long-term monitoring, we can track changes in land use and structural elements of the landscape, disturbances, the impact of different management types and intensities, and even the effectiveness of habitat reconstruction programs.

3, The role of rodents in maintaining grassland plant communities

There are a number of harmful but at least as many useful “services” associated with rodents which they provide through their daily activities. Nowadays, their role in seed dispersal and habitat modification (chewing, soil disturbance) is receiving more and more attention, which relevance is supported by several studies. Our research aims to prove the existence and significance of this role in grassland habitats, as these habitats, despite their significant role in the ecosystem, have hardly been studied so far.