Jablonszky, Mónika, PhD

research fellow


Main profile in keywords:
behavioral ecology, bird song, behavioral consistency

Investigations about the consistency and plasticity of behaviour in the collared flycatcher.
I am studying also the factors that influence behaviour and the relationship between behaviour and fitness.

Selected publications

Jablonszky, Mónika; David, Canal; Hegyi, Gergely; Krenhardt, Katalin; Laczi, Miklós; Markó, Gábor; Nagy, Gergely; Rosivall, Balázs; Szász, Eszter; Zsebők, Sándor; Garamszegi, László Zsolt. Individual differences in song plasticity in response to social stimuli and singing position ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION. 12: -

Jablonszky, Mónika; Zsebők, Sándor; Laczi, Miklós; Nagy, Gergely; Vaskuti, Éva; Zsolt Garamszegi, László. The effect of social environment on bird song: listener-specific expression of a sexual signal BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY. 32: 395-406

Jablonszky, Mónika; Krenhardt, Katalin; Markó, Gábor; Szász, Eszter; Hegyi, Gergely; Herényi, Márton; Kötel, Dóra; Laczi, Miklós; Nagy, Gergely; Rosivall, Balázs; Török, János; Garamszegi, Laszlo Zsolt. A behavioural trait displayed in an artificial novel environment correlates with dispersal in a wild bird ETHOLOGY. 126: 540-552