Lengyel, Szabolcs, DSc

Scientific Advisor

+36 (52) 509-200/11635, +36 (30) 488-2067

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Egyek-Pusztakócs LIFE-Nature projekt

SCALES EU FP7 project

BioFresh EU FP7 project

Main profile in keywords:
ecology, evolution, conservation biology

1) Ecology
Restoration ecology: impacts of ecosystem and habitat restoration and conservation management on the diversity of arthropods and vertebrates, the role of habitat complexity in restoration
Community ecology: composition and organization of animal assemblages, formation and operation of landscape-scale patterns in biodiversity

2) Evolution
Evolutionary ecology of seed dispersal mutualisms between plants and animals
Behavioural ecology of shorebirds

3) Conservation biology
Systematic conservation planning: optimal protection of freshwater biodiversity in Europe
Theory and practice of biodiversity monitoring, scale-dependence of conservation strategies
Life history, habitat selection, reproductive success and conservation of threatened animal species