Czárán, Tamás, DSc

Scientific Advisor

+36 30 346 1960

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Main profile in keywords:
theoretical ecology, modelling spatio-temporal population dynamics, the coevolution of cooperation and communication, origin of life, early evolution of language

1. Theoretical Ecology: Investigations on the role of spatial constraints (local interactions, limited propagule dispersion) using mathematical and computer simulation models.

2. Modeling the origin of life, based on the RNA World Scenario assuming that the interactions between cooperating replicators take place on mineral surfaces. Developing the Metabolically Coupled Replicator System (MCRS) model family.

3. Theoretical study of the evolutionary role of cooperation, communication and cheating by spatially explicit models of microbial and fungal population interactions.

4. Theoretical investigation of the evolution of language in early hominin populations using individual-based simulation modeling.