HAS Lendület (“Momentum”) 2019: Vegetation and seed bank dynamics

Kiemelt/Jelentős projekt

ID: LP2019-4-/2019
Lead researcher: Valkó, Orsolya
Planned duration: 2019-2024
Funding organisation: MTA
Programme: Lendület


Our research group aims to find solutions for the long-term maintenance of the biodiversity and functioning of grassland ecosystems by learning about the role of seeds in ecosystems. Grasslands are particularly species-rich and diverse communities that cover nearly 40% of the Earth’s land area and to which the daily lives and livelihoods of some 250 million people are linked. In the highly dynamic grassland plant communities, seeds simultaneously ensure species’ spread, establishment, and long-term survival. In our series of studies, we examine the role of the seed bank, seed dispersal and settlement processes in community organisation in Hungarian grassland types also of outstanding importance at the European Union level. Based on our results, we will develop a seed-based conservation strategy that will increase the efficiency of conserving natural habitat biodiversity and reconstructing degraded habitats.