Research groups

Microbial Ecology Research Group

Head of the research group:

senior research fellow

Members of the research group:

Hidas, András

assistant research fellow

Szabó, Attila

research fellow

Anda, Dóra

research fellow

Chen, Xiao Yi

laboratory assistant

Main profile:

We study the composition of microbial communities, the role of prokaryotic taxa in nutrient cycling and their biological interactions. Our research team pays special attention to the exploration of unique aquatic habitats in the Carpathian Basin, furthermore to reveal the effects of environmental changes, related adaptations and responses of the communities to the potential consequences of climate change. To answer these ecological questions, we intend to benefit from the synergistic effect of the combination of classic microbiological techniques (cultivation and microscopic methods) with modern genomic tools (amplicon sequencing, metagenomics and prokaryotic genomics).