Dobosy, Péter, PhD

Head of Department
senior research fellow

+36 1 279 3100 / 209

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Main profile in keywords:
environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry

Chemical analysis of sediment and water in river, lake, wastewater and drinking water
Effect of trace element-enriched or even highly contaminated irrigation waters on the plant cultivation through the soil-plant, plant-human nutrient connections

Selected publications

Vetési Viktória, Záray Gyula, Endrédi Anett, Sandil Sirat, Rékási Márk, Takács Tünde, Dobosy Péter Iodine biofortification of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants cultivated in three different soils PLOS ONE 17 : 10 Paper: e0275589 (2022)

Sandil, Sirat; Óvári, Mihály; Dobosy, Péter; Vetési, Viktória; Endrédi, Anett; Takács, Anita; Füzy, Anna; Záray, Gyula. Effect of arsenic-contaminated irrigation water on growth and elemental composition of tomato and cabbage cultivated in three different soils, and related health risk assessment ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 197 Paper: 111098 (2021)

Dobosy, Péter; Kröpl, Krisztina; Óvári, Mihály; Sandil, Sirat; Németh, Kitti; Engloner, Attila; Takács, Tünde; Zaray, Gyula. Biofortification of green bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and lettuce (Lactuca sativa) with iodine in a plant-calcareous sandy soil system irrigated with water containing KI JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS 88 Paper: 103434 (2020)

Dobosy, Péter; Endrédi, Anett; Sandyl, Sirat; Vetési, Viktória; Rékási, Márk; Takács, Tünde; Záray, Gyula. Biofortification of potato and carrot with iodine by applying different soils and irrigation with iodine-containing water FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 11 Paper: 593047 (2020)